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Yoga Classes

I have been practising yoga for over 10 years. While working as a database programmer I spend most of the day sitting behind my desk. Yoga allows me to counteract my sedentary work life and helps me improve mobility in my hips and lower back – most common areas of tightness affected by long hours of sitting. I feel stronger, more flexible and have more energy. Also, yoga brings me back from my head to my body. It creates mental balance, more focus and clarity, releases tension and stress. I feel calm and grounded during and after yoga class.

I completed 200-hour Yoga Alliance certificated teacher training in July 2016 with Jason Pooley at The House of Yoga, London. I have since completed NuPower Yoga certificated course in October 2016 with Linda Fenelon and Lauren Zoeller.

My primary motivation as a teacher is in helping people find strength, ease and comfort in their bodies. I like to create a friendly atmosphere in my classes. They are Power Vinyasa Yoga based (Baptiste Power Yoga inspired) and are accessible to all levels as I offer modifications in postures.

If you are interested in exploring yoga, I’d love to hear from you!

Available Options

Tomasz Piotrowski

1-on-1 Private Yoga

I offer one to one private bookings. It is your time and journey, I will be there to guide you along the way and cater to your individual needs.

If you are new to yoga, private sessions can be designed to help you learn the practice safely and effectively. If you are already practising, classes can be tailored to your level of experience, including modifications if you are recovering from injury.

  • your specific needs/goals come first
  • all the help and encouragement you need
  • focused attention
  • hands-on assisting
  • safely attempt poses you’d never try in a class setting
  • London UK within zones 1-2
  • 1 class = 60 minutes for 1-2 people
  • classes usually available in the evening (from 6:30 pm)
  • class can take place either in the comfort of your home/office or you can come to mine

Regular price:

  • 1 class: £60
  • 5 class prepay package (save 20%): £240
  • 10 class prepay package (save 30%): £420
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Tomasz Piotrowski

Group Yoga Classes

YuTo Yoga – together with my wife Yumiko we offer yoga classes in the Power Vinyasa Yoga style, linking breath and movement. It is a flowing practice which cultivates strength, flexibility, focus and balance. Classes are open to all levels of experience. No prior yoga experience required as we offer modifications in the poses. You are encouraged to listen to the inner wisdom of your body, progressing at a pace that is appropriate and respectful. Come and experience this powerful, transforming practice for yourself!

We offer small group classes (max 5 people). If you are interested in joining our next class, check out our schedule:

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  • My experiences & first-hand account

    I started attending 1-on-1 yoga classes taught by Tomasz with some initial hesitation as I was only aware of Yoga in general terms and I had never heard about Power Vinyasa Yoga style before. From the first class it was like a revelation. Tomasz introduced me to Power Vinyasa in a gentle, systematic, focused and easy way. Since then I never looked back and the charm of this yoga style is permanently etched in my body and heart!

    My main intention to start yoga practise was to become suppler, gain stamina, lower stress level and reduce back pain. I would say it all went beyond my expectations! There is a definite big improvement in reducing my chronic lumbar back pain, I am more happy, peaceful and calm. All classes left me feeling soothed and relieved, irrespective of how bad/good my hectic day was. Tomasz is a great and exceptional teacher. Through his simple, lucid and effective teaching style he guided me into progressively more difficult poses without loosing the tempo and staying at my comfortable pace. I would definitely recommend his classes to anybody!Rama