Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 6

Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend 6

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Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 6 at The House of Yoga is behind me and below is my brief description of how did it go. On the next weekend we will tackle written exams, so I thought I will share some of the tools I’m using to prepare for this task.

What I’m learning

YTT weekends seem to fly by now – 6 out of 8 done! The last one was 3 days long and overall contained more than 8 hours of Power Yoga practise! To balance our energy out, there was also soothing Yoga Nidra at the end of day 1, and short Yin Yoga workshop with Casey Jade at the end of day 3.

On the last day we were sharing what lights us up and puts in a flow state, which made everyone glow! For me, it’s learning and using what I learnt to create something, that is meant to be shared. Simple example is this blog, but it also might be learning basic video editing to create a fun movie for my son. Another example: trying out few available options for flashcards software to build sets which will help me and my yoga tribe to prepare for the exams. I could go on, but all I’m saying here – I love to learn-create-share!

Main highlight of the weekend was, that each one of us got a go at 15 minutes practise teach in front of everyone. There was a list we were called off and my turn happened to be on the last day. Not entirely sure what my preference would be, but waiting until then was actually good as it kept my energy up for all 3 days, instead of collapsing into something like: “oh well, I’m done, so I can relax and become sloppy now”. One additional detail about that last day: there was a professional photographer in the background, but after sharing what lights me up, his presence didn’t impact my nerves too much. Btw, credit for the cover photo goes to Hybrid Dave 🙂 During my 15 minutes I taught fairly dynamic part of the sequence, my voice wasn’t shaking too much and I had a lot of fun doing it.

This one was the best weekend so far! I felt so much more connected comparing to the previous one. There was huge amount of support – all the encouraging smiles and whispers if someone forgot what’s coming up in the sequence, awesome group!

What I’m experimenting with

I’m preparing for the written exam for my 200-hour RYT certification. In addition to reading books and manuals, I’m also using a few apps (which might be an idea for my next blog post, hmm..). Here I’m presenting 2 anatomy quiz apps, that I’m playing with at the moment:

Podcast episode that impacted me the most

Yoga RevealedSukhraj: Tuning into the Golden Chain of Kundalini Yoga on the Yoga Revealed Podcast. I’m not familiar with Kundalini Yoga, as I have not tried it yet, but what I enjoyed in this podcast was an intro to the first 2 limbs of yoga: Yama and Niyama. Practical tips how to approach life with more mindfulness and make the teachings alive.. and also, I’m sure Yama and Niyama will come up on my written exam!

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