Tomasz Piotrowski

Tomasz Piotrowski

Tomasz Piotrowski | Budokon Yoga Teacher

Tomasz has been practising yoga for over 10 years: Iyengar Yoga for first several years, later on he explored Power Yoga and then discovered Budokon. Since May 2018 he has also been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fully appreciating how mobility, strength and fluid transitions built through Budokon practise complement martial arts training.

Tomasz completed 200-hour Power Yoga teacher training in July 2016 with Jason Pooley and 50-hour Budokon Yoga teacher training in May 2018 with Cameron and Melayne Shayne. He offers private Budokon Yoga classes, which are tailored around his students’ physical capabilities and can be modified to suit any level of experience.

Despite giving yoga a try in my teens, it wasn’t until 2006 that I gave yoga chance as an adult. And I’ll be honest – I was highly skeptical. I was certain I’d be the only male in the class and that I was not at all the yoga “type”. After all, I’m a database programmer – yes, a proper nerd! – who spends most of his time sitting in front of the screen. And yet, slowly but surely, I found myself being drawn back to yoga over and over again.

It was when I moved to London (I’m originally from Poland) in 2008 that I began a more regular yoga practice. After several years of Iyengar yoga I started to explore different yoga styles, finally settling on Power Vinyasa Yoga, which seemed like a perfect progression and a way to increase my strength and flexibility in this dynamic and vigorous style. I have found that yoga has been able to counteract my sedentary work life like nothing else. I’ve always had tightness in my hips and lower back due to the long hours of sitting but my mobility has improved, as well as my flexibility and energy levels. Yoga also helped to connect my head back to my body, giving me more mental balance, focus and clarity than I’ve ever experienced.

At this stage my teenage years fascination of martial arts inspired me to look for a yoga style that contains elements of a fighting system. That’s how I found Budokon – modern mixed movement style, that unites yoga with martial arts, calisthenics, animal locomotion and life science. Once I experienced the physical and mental benefits of this style for myself, I wanted to find a way to help others do the same. I wanted to share and assist my students to access their higher level of agility, mobility and stamina.

Not yet convinced you’re a yoga type?

You can learn more about what the classes involve here or if you’d like to talk with me directly and book a trial lesson please feel free to get in touch.

Random facts about me

  • Lifetime Student

    I’m always learning, seeking answers to satisfy my curiosity. Love learning languages!

  • Pattern recognition

    Ability to easily spot patterns helped a lot in “knowing” what to learn/skip to get better marks at school.

  • Renaissance man

    My interests were always very wide and I seem to be able to learn almost anything I put my mind to.

  • Dream world

    Lucid dreaming, out of body experiences and regular dreams – another fascination of mine,

  • Open minded sceptic

    I’m open to pretty much any idea, but I will most likely ignore it until it has some practical application for me.

  • Database programmer

    Database programming was the only course during my uni time I felt excited about.

  • Technology geek

    I have been always fascinated by gadgets like fitness or sleep trackers, EEG devices, apps etc.

  • I love chocolate

    Oh, if only that was the only food I could eat..

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