balancing act and meditation

The balancing act and meditation

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Another short update on what inspired me recently. Enjoy!

What I’m experimenting with

Cody released new The Balancing Act plan with Patrick Beach and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Plan contains 11 balancing sessions: wild thing, peacock, crow and variations (side & flying crow), flying scissor (Eka Pada Koundinyasana), traditional & tripod headstand, flying pigeon, crane and eight angle pose.
I tried Patrick’s older plans on Cody and I wasn’t impressed by quality of some of them to be honest. This one however is really nicely done. Each video is not too long, just 15-20 minutes, and can be easily done as a stand alone practise or added to a longer one. What I like most is, that Patrick doesn’t waste time on talking too much and goes straight to action!

Inspiration for the week

Patrick Beach – his profile on Cody:

Life is big. It can’t be confined to a rectangular mat.

Podcast episode that impacted me the most

2 podcasts on meditation:

Strip yourself of comfort very often. The attachment to comfort leads to very limiting choices.

When you stop resisting what’s showing up in your meditation, you’ll stop resisting life.

Interesting discovery

Anamnesis is a very cool sci-fi web series about the phenomenon of lucid dreaming.


Anamnesis: the recollection or remembrance of the past.
Synopsis: A group of strangers realize they’re able to share each other’s dreams; to understand why, they’ll have to find each other in the real world.

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