Becoming yoga teacher: THoY certificate

Becoming yoga teacher

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The day has come! I have completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at The House of Yoga and became a yoga teacher, woohoo! This part of the journey came to an end, but this is obviously just the beginning of much bigger journey. I’m incredibly grateful to my teachers: Jason Pooley and Tal Zalel for their guidance, support and encouragement. I’m also grateful to my fellow 27 yogis with whom I shared this journey. I’m sure with many of them our paths will cross again. Maybe in the class as students or teachers – those roles are so easily interchangeable. Maybe during mentorship programme, that THoY team generously offered to all of us and by doing so, removed unavoidable question every graduate asks: “now what?” Btw, if you on the fence and not sure which school to choose for your yoga teacher training and looking not only to learn how to teach asana, but to be challenged, grow exponentially and essentially change your life – I highly recommend THoY!

Celebration Circle

What I’m learning

It will not come as a surprise, that I’m spending a lot of my free time to do a research around “now what?” question. There is loads both in written and spoken word on the subject and below are my top findings so far:

  • There are unlimited opportunities to teach, but it’s up to you to create them
  • The best teachers are the best students, so continue to learn
  • Keep your teaching simple
  • Stay committed to your own practise – it’s tempting to put it on back burner
  • Get experience – on that note, please check out my Yoga Classes page






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I'm a yoga enthusiast, 200-hr yoga teacher in the making, self learner, always curious, open minded sceptic. I will share here progress of my yoga journey and whatever else I find inspiring or worth noting.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that you have to create the opportunities to teach yoga. I’ve been wanting to become a yoga trainer. Maybe I’ll get certified first, then I’ll try to create opportunities for myself.

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