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MacKenzie Miller on yoga podcast and Cody

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In search for yoga podcast..

I have been looking for some time for an inspiring yoga related podcast. Most of them contain voice-only yoga classes, which is not exactly what I want to listen to on my way to work (out of temptation to ask the driver: “excuse me, is it okay if I spread my mat on your bus?”..).

Yoga Revealed

Recently I discovered Yoga Revealed Podcast and after listening to first few interviews I’m totally hooked. Most of the teachers on the show are well known and all round amazing yogis. One of them is MacKenzie Miller and in the interview she’s sharing her yoga journey. She’s generously vulnerable when she talks about her experiences during dark times of her life, which touched me most. She also talks about importance of acknowledging your shadow and one way to do this in external world for her was to move from sunny LA to shadowy Seattle. Very much resonates for me – maybe that’s one of the reasons I like living in London..

My best friend – Cody app..

Cody appI’m familiar with MacKenzie’s teaching style through her flexibility and mobility plan on Cody – my absolutely favourite go to app for my daily yoga practise. I tried many other yoga apps and online services, but Cody really stands out. Plans are well structured and fun to follow. They usually have very specific application, like mobility in MacKenzie’s case. Each video targets specific muscle group to improve flexibility using myofacial release combined with dynamic and static stretching. For someone like me, who was never blessed by nature given flexibility and had to work to improve it, it’s simply great. Sessions are 10-20 minutes long, so it’s easy to add at the end of any other workout or do one of them on their own.

If you would like to check out one of the Cody’s fitness workouts, be it yoga, HIIT, weightlifting etc, use any of the links to Cody’s website I included in this post. You’ll get 50% discount for your first plan, and then I will get the same in return, which is a win-win, right?


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