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Move your body better

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My 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is about to end this coming weekend. Until this happens, here is a short update on what inspired me recently. Enjoy!

What I’m learning

I’m a huge fan of Dylan Werner’s plans on Cody and I’m beyond happy about his just released plan: Desk Therapy. In my day job, I’m pretty much desk-bound most of the day, so plan which focuses on mobility and flexibility in the areas impacted by long periods of sitting is simply a godsend. So far I only tried the Recover session and I can already say, that this will be my often revisited plan.

Podcast episode that impacted me the most

Even though yoga is my main practise, every time I see or hear what our bodies are capable of and how seemingly outstanding feats of mastery can be an every day occurrence, I’m instantly hooked. Below is a collection of 4 podcasts presenting wide ranging perspective on gymnastics, body-weight strength training, biggest mistakes in self-taught handstands and so much more! I found all of these interviews utterly fascinating and well worth my time:

  • Gymnastic Bodies
  • Ryan Hurst
  • Carl Paoli
  • Yuri Marmerstein

Interesting discovery

Improving mobility can be a daunting task when you don’t even know where to start and where your body is lacking mobility most. There is a free set of flexibility tests on Cody, that can help you with this task: Mobility & Flexibility Tests by MacKenzie Miller.

What I’m experimenting with

Ryan Hurst wrote a great tutorial How to Do a Handstand – Warm-Up, Body Positioning, Tutorial, and Advanced Progressions and that’s what I’m playing with at the moment.

Here is a short video version of this tutorial:

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