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Inspired by 5-Bullet Friday newsletter from Tim Ferriss, I decided to experiment and create my own version of something similar and call it collection of weekly inspiration. I’m planning to post it every week, but I reserve the right to change my mind..

Podcast episode that impacted me the most

Tuff Love by Rob KandellThe one I have for this week is not necessarily new. I’m just ploughing through the archives of the podcasts I only recently discovered and the backlog in some cases is long. It’s The Tyranny of “I Don’t Know” by Rob Kandell. I had a privilege to be personally coached by Rob in the past. I always admired his calm confidence and intense personality. In this podcast his initial rant on the topic of IDK is so relentless, that made me realise how often I’m defaulting to IDK, as if it was easier to stay foggy and indecisive instead of, as Rob put it, “do the work to dig in and really explore the topic at hand”.

Useful discovery

I use Evernote every day and have a long list of notes in the “shortcuts” (starred) section. So long in fact, that it almost defeats its purpose. However, I recently discovered “notelinks” option in the web and iOS version of the app (I knew it’s available in desktop version, but I’m not using it), which allows me to have a “master note” (e.g. list of post titles) with links to my other notes in Evernote (e.g. individual post drafts). This feature makes organising my notes so much easier!

What I’m experimenting with

Rolling out the bottom of my feet on lacrosse ball for 5 minutes every morning followed by some stretching, or more structured version of this exercise on Cody by MacKenzie Miller, to see if that will help with flexibility of my hamstrings – as per: 3 Ways to Help Those “Tight” Hamstrings. I have been doing this little routine for about 3 weeks and it really seems to work, as my head gets much closer to my knees now in any forward folds.

Inspiration for the week

Kamal Meattle in his TED talk and also interview with Abel James, talks how common house plants can improve air quality and reduce indoor air pollution in your house. Believe it or not, until now I neglected to make that important addition to my house, so my action plan for this week is: buy a (snake) plant!

What I’m learning

As one of the assignments for the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, I’m reading The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys Volume I by Ray Long MD FRCSC. Human anatomy and how the musculoskeletal system works is absolutely fascinating. For me, even more when applied to yoga. By the way, kindle version of the book is much cheaper, but I would highly recommend to buy paperback, as quality of images is so much better. Small highlight from the book:
“Regular practice of Yoga is beneficial for your bones because healthy stresses are applied in a variety of unusual directions. This strengthens bones, which remodel in response to stress by depositing layers of calcium into the bone matrix. Like a physiological yin/yang, lack of healthy stress on bones weakens them.”

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