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Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend 4

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Small change to my weekly updates. From now on I will pick one of my regular sections as the main topic followed by usual collection of weekly inspiration. Let’s see how it goes.

What I’m learning

Last weekend was my weekend 4 of the 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training at THoY. I’m a half way through the programme at this stage and it’s an amazing experience of shared journey with my yogi tribe!

Background story

Light on Yoga - Polish edition 1990I had a first contact with yoga in my teens. At first they were just a short episodes: from brief intro to some basic asanas during martial arts training to an attempt at a home practise with Light of Yoga book by B. K. S. Iyengar, but constantly referring back to the book and worries that I’m not doing this right discouraged me until I found a yoga school many years later.

I went to my first yoga class in January 2006. It was my friend’s idea and  I remember coming to that class with bit of anxious excitement. The class was cancelled.. but we didn’t give up that easily. It was Iyengar Yoga, the only available style at that time in my hometown (Rzeszow, Poland). From that first class, I knew I found something important and even though I had some intense periods followed by dry spells, I kept coming back to yoga, which is so different to my tendency to constantly seeking “something else”..

When I moved to London in 2008 and fully settled here, I found Iyengar Yoga Institute in Maida Vale, and that’s where I returned to yoga practise. After few year though, I decided to explore other yoga styles. I tried at least a few, but had most fun with Aerial and Acro Yoga. Both styles encouraged me to become more comfortable with inversions and I really enjoyed partner practise.

Last year, I went to my first class at THoY. I was passing by the studio so many times, but the “hot” part was always scaring me off. When I finally tried it out, if felt like a revelation! Heat is still a challenging part, but I like the style and intensity of power yoga and the dynamic and physically challenging classes there feel like a perfect fit and exactly what I was looking for to further my practise.

At that point, thought of becoming yoga teacher crossed my mind many times, but making that a reality was a completely different story and very fertile ground for all possible fears to rise up. I’m not good/strong/flexible/.. enough, I’m too young (that one is funny, what usually comes up is the opposite) and on and on.. Finally I made up my mind and in January this year I started 200hr YTT at THoY.

Weekend 4

As I’m past weekend 4 at the moment, it’s not easy to recount all that happened since weekend 1, so I’ll just briefly focus on main learning points from the last weekend:

yoga teacher training weekend 4

me assisted in locust by Jason Pooley

  1. Art of assisting: there’s just something about sense of touch and skin to skin contact, that make me feel much more comfortable with hands on assisting comparing to leading the class (yup, fear of public speaking..). Of course I have a lot to learn and it feels to me like assisting involves completely different level of responsibility. If not done properly, can cause the opposite effect – an injury, which I would never like to happen, but that possibility still doesn’t scare me away. In my yoga practise I know my limits, and tend to go fairly easy on myself, carefully approaching my edge. Since my first contact with yoga over 10 years ago, I never had any major injury (really can’t remember many minor injuries to be honest). Assisting is all about creating ease and openness for the students and being of service, which resonates for me most.
  2. Leading meditation, based on Power of Being book by Baron Baptiste, also was an interesting experience. I like guided meditations and experimenting with being on the other side, i.e. being a guide, feels very gratifying.
  3. Vedic chanting and Yoga Sutras: Lucy Crisfield came back to sprinkle more of her magic and introduce more wisdom around Yoga philosophy. Her talk was, similar to the first one on weekend 3, absolutely captivating. Chanting in Sanskrit has so much power, that it makes me want to learn that ancient language. I must admit though, that most of presented by Lucy philosophy was way above my ability to comprehend. I like the depth of some questions she brought, like this one:
What’s the deepest thing you know at the deepest level of your being and how you are manifesting that in your life?
There’s so much more to experience and learn. Next YTT weekend is coming up in only 2 weeks – can’t wait!

Below are my remaining usual bullet points from last week. Enjoy!

Podcast episode that impacted me the most

I enjoyed interview with Dylan Werner on Yoga Revealed Podcast. He’s one of my greatest inspiration when it comes to inversions and arm balances mastery. Looking at his presence on social media it might seem, that his practise is merely physical and has more in common with acrobatics than yoga, but in this interview Dylan clearly shows how misleading that image is. One of his nuggets of wisdom:
“Be inspired, that way you can continue to inspire”

For people who are not familiar with Dylan, I highly recommend this short clip:

And last, exciting for me news is, that Dylan is coming to London at the end of June and I have already booked his class on Thursday 🙂

Interesting discovery

It’s not particularly new discovery, but it’s useful to know, that you can access and review all your Kindle highlights and notes at: That’s the main reason why I’m using Kindle rather than iBooks app. The page is not very pretty, but it allows me to quickly find a quote from all Kindle books I have read so far or collect all my highlights from a specific book to an external note.

What I’m experimenting with

I tend to download much less apps than I used to, but The Five-Minute Journal is one of those exceptions. It’s a mobile version of the paper journal under the same title. Essentially it helps to cultivate gratitude and stay consistent with this practise by daily reminders and prompts, like “I am grateful for..”, “What will I do to make today great?” or “3 amazing things that happened today..”. In short, it helps to start day on the right note and go to sleep happy.

Inspiration for the week

Being of Power by Baron Baptiste I mentioned above is my favourite read from our YTT “required reading list”.

Being of PowerOur need to know comes from our desire for control and predictability. We’re wired up to play it safe and not fail, and this is what keeps us on a treadmill of collecting answers. We think we’ll finally land in some sort of comfort zone if we just figure out how to do things the right way. Not our way, not a way, but the right way. We’re absolutely sure that someone else out there knows what it is, and our need to figure it out becomes an addiction. This keeps us squarely in the realm of the head, where our power to create gets squelched and the messages from our own heart get drowned out.



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